There are over 10,000 hot pot brand stores.
Export Beihai cuisine from more than 20 countries including Europe and America.
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about us

Beihai Jiujiajiu Food Co., Ltd.

Beihai, a city rich in marine culture, has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, which makes people linger and forget to return. The sea is clean and transparent, the waves are soft as blankets, and the self-purification is strong. Marine resources are unique, seafood is natural and pollution-free, and mineral and fishery resources have been rich since ancient times. In order to share this natural and pure delicacy, it emerged spontaneously. Adhering to the concept of "making nutritionally balanced green and healthy food", we have become the most trustworthy high-end frozen food supplier in China. Share this all-natural ingredients, work hard, only do high-end, exquisite quality, we have been doing so.