The Company

“I enjoy empowering people to find their potential as well as working with business leaders to bring their companies to the next level.” — Timothy Fives, FivesSquared’s President, & CEO

The Inspiration Behind FivesSquared

“As the founder and CEO of FiveSquared, my sole mission in life is to journey and learn alongside my clients—to serve as a guide or pathfinder for them.”

One Life To Live

Much like you, I have this one life to live and I truly want to make the most of it. I have found that I am most alive, engaged and vibrant when I am servicing others by applying my gifts, strengths, creativity, and partnering with those who come into my life. While I am serving others, I too learn and grow. Our work is needed a partnership, and it is so much about expanding our awareness and choices, and becoming more empowered and powerful along the way.

Greatest Assets

My ability to work with others and see the potential has been my greatest asset.

The experience gained made a difference in everything from dealing with multi-million dollar programs that are in litigation to helping small business owners quadruple their monthly income.

Helping Others

I want to empower my clients to go out and achieve what they are capable of.

My passion comes from helping others see their true potential by breaking down the barriers that are holding them back. That led to the creation of FivesSquared, an organization that helps a wide variety of clients to achieve their dreams, get out of life ruts and traps, and becomes better leaders. It’s rewarding to help clients find fulfillment in their lives and careers because it brings us fulfillment in ours!

FivesSquared Professional Coaching + Unique Client Situation + Journey towards a Strategic Outcome = Exponential Growth and Happiness

Tim Fives—Founder, FivesSquared



Timothy Fives

Timothy Fives is the president and Chief People Officer of FivesSquared. His path in life has led him to create an integrated business and technology consulting firm. He abides by the philosophy that smart solutions must be developed based on strategic goals and driven by smart tools. For over 20 years, Timothy has been providing strategic, technology-based leadership to national and international companies.

Timothy’s experience has gained him insider knowledge in major industry sectors including healthcare, government, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Before the launch of FivesSquared, Timothy was driving results for multi-million dollar corporations as a strategic business and technology leader for companies including 1WorldSync, EMC Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation and Johnson Controls (formerly York International). You can see more of Timothy’s professional accomplishments in his time spent with these businesses by connecting with him via LinkedIn.

"Some say "Success doesn't sleep" neither do I" - Philip T. M.

Devon Buettner

Associate Consultant

Social Media


Devon Buettner

Devon Buettner recently graduated magna cum laude from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. Utilizing his education and experience, Devon specializes in social media and provides the millennial perspective that is much needed in today’s business.

Prior to working with FivesSquared, Devon’s background was in the retail industry for over five years. Devon is a hardworking and eager millennial ready to begin his professional career.

Devon has lived in York, Pennsylvania for over a decade and was a graduate of Central York High School. Outside of his professional life, Devon enjoys weightlifting as well as spending time with his friends and family.

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