How does FivesSquared Work?

Integrity, Authenticity, Accountability, & Intent

Our team is deeply familiar with the four principles that make up quality leadership, and we teach clients around these core principles, Integrity, Authenticity, Accountability, & Intent. These core principles are rooted in many successful business leaders in the world today. Areas of self-doubt, bad habits, unproductive behaviors and a sense of stagnancy come from a lack in one or more of these key principles. We'll uncover your weaknesses and strengths, and then...the journey can begin. Let's have a look at our process:

By the end of your journey with us, you’ll have only started yours. You will have reached a better balance and greater growth in each of the four traits of a leader. With your newfound knowledge and experience, you’ll no longer be trapped in a downhill spiral. This is how FivesSquared has been so successful with its clients. It’s a proven method that works and flexes when it needs to—suited for any client that crosses the door aspiring for a better life.

Executive Coaching Services

At the core of our work is personal growth and development. Distinguishing for clients what they do not see for themselves, no matter how successful they are. A key requirement is that our clients are committed to growth, and that begins with taking themselves on, allowing an examination of their own way seeing things, thinking about things, reacting to things, and taking full accountability for their growth. This is a core aspect of all of our work across several different typical platforms in which we choose to serve. A brief description of these service areas is provided below.

Career Discernment, Career Development, & Career Exploration & Transition
  • Assessments: objectives, strengths, preferences, growth industries, & transferable value
  • Verbal & written tools for exploration & transition
  • Exploration methodology & preparation
  • Executive coaching on awareness, communication, & presence
  • Networking preparation, methodology, structure, & implementation
  • Interviewing
  • Onboarding new opportunities
  • Career planning, competency development & framework for growth

At The Core Of FivesSquared Is Sales & Business, Leadership & Team Development

Social Media Management Services

Due to the ever-changing landscape of business today, social media is at an all-time importance. FivesSquared provides social media services to businesses to facilitate growth and utilize the business to its full potential.

Social Media Strategy, Management & Advertising
  • Creation & implementation of strategies
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Manage brand engagement
  • Track & analyze to best meet your goals
  • An extension of your team with a consistent voice

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