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    Are you unhappy with your current track in your career? Or maybe you just feel stuck in your current position in your job and see no way to get ahead? Maybe you feel unmotivated to do what you want in life, or you’re having difficulty relating to your fellow coworkers, boss or employees. All of these and more are valid reasons to take advantage of our services. If you have goals you want to achieve or new skills you want to develop, FivesSquared can take you where you need to be. We invite you to explore an initial confidential coaching conversation for yourself or those that you lead. Our work is on a referral or invitation basis and it is important to us that we work with people who understand what coaching is and what it is not. Exploration conversations have no commitment other than to be fully present with us, whether in person or by phone. You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover about yourself in just one conversation!

    Research has shown that 95% of what you do or say is determined by your own habits. When I (Timothy Fives, founder) was starting out in my career, I had to learn for myself how to develop these success-creating habits and personality traits. It took a lot of self-reflection and practice in these new behaviors to finally see new possibilities and opportunities for success. Once I did, my career, income, and happiness started to skyrocket faster than I thought possible. Now—as president and Chief People Officer of FivesSquared—I can assist others with addressing self-destructive habits and self-doubt. Together, we can go beyond our own limiting worldviews into a life where you can succeed and be happy. I have succeeded in achieving greater things than I could have ever imagined. We at FivesSquared want to rejuvenate you so that you may experience your own journey to personal growth and limitless self-realized potential.

    As an effective executive coach I facilitate self-discovery, which provides distinctions and a framework for clients to shift their perceptive such that they are seeing themselves and opportunity more clearly. This process allows clients to gain the insight, framework, and competencies to confidently dream and create a more extraordinary future. An observation from many years of observing colleagues, family, and friends is the tendency in human nature to want change, but not to know in truth what that entails. Far too often people’s good intentions are thwarted by their very own unwitting self-sabotage. I have benefited from executive coaching personally and found myself more and more inspired in sharing and contributing to others through my own growth, transformation and transition. I am fully committed to my own journey and being the difference for others by applying the art of coaching others to their potential and well-being allowing them to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. As a successful consultant, I was the solution provider. I bought the external solutions and did the hard work on behalf of clients that needed problem solving, solutions and solution implementation to address their problems. As an effective executive coach, how I am serving others is to create the space and tools for clients to grow by discovering the distinctions and tools to move forward and breakthrough to new results and new possibilities for themselves. The work of coaching requires courage, commitment, spaced learning and accountability of the coach and coachee. The return on this investment is profound, lasting change that can create new patterns of thinking, new habits that facilitate greater levels of success and well-being, and automatic reactions and resiliency to address the uncertainties and complexities of life. One of the many values that our clients take away from the experience of being coached and partnering with us in their journey is our ability to quickly see and distinguish for our clients what they have never seen before. Most people go through life “trying to figure it out” or worse, blaming others or the economy for their circumstances and limitations. Unfortunately for many who go it on their own, they will experience needless struggles, worry, and missed expectations, all of which may otherwise been avoided. So much more potential and opportunity is possible for people who are open to coaching conversations and a new framework or tools that will facilitate access to the real underlying issues and solutions. That is the difference.


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