7 Fun Ways to Increase Your Marketability and Job Security

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November 22, 2017
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When the economy is in turmoil, it can make people worry about how secure their employment is. Because of this, many workers across the nation look for ways to increase their job security and marketability. Whether you’d like to stay in the job you’re currently in or want to find a better one, there are many steps you can take to make yourself more attractive to current and potential employers. Below are seven fun and surefire ways to make yourself more marketable.


Brand Yourself

Make sure your name is your brand. When creating professional emails, don’t use a nickname or your favorite animal from when you were 10. Even maiden names can be confusing. Keep your email and signatures as your name. Save the creativity to friends and family, who will enjoy it. Employers usually want to see professionalism. Managerial positions don’t go to people with cute email addresses.


Meet the Needs of Employers

Whenever you apply for a new job, be sure you fit the position or can convince the employer that you’re the best person for that job.  Employers want “round” pegs for “round” holes. If you meet (and possibly exceed) their needs, they won’t want to get rid of you, even if they have to lay people off.


Maintain a Professional Presence Online

Almost everyone these days has some online presence on a social media site. If your profiles are public, be sure to make everything you say professional. Even if your profile is private, it could still be in your best interest to monitor what you post and the things you say. Many potential employers check an applicant’s social media accounts to see if they would be a good fit for the job. If you post unprofessional things on your profile, an employer might pass you up for a job you are more than qualified for.


Ask For Help

When looking to make yourself marketable, ask for help. Talk to friends and family.  See what advice others in your same career field can offer. Join online forums, and participate in discussions. You could gain some valuable insight from people you’ve never even met. In return, you might be able to offer some advice of your own to others.


Take Classes

A great way to increase your marketability and job security is by expanding your skills. To do so, take some classes and learn new trades or skills. These days, you’re not limited to what nearby colleges and universities offer either. Take some online courses, and you don’t have to worry about going to a campus.


Offer to Take On New Projects

Volunteer for additional projects at work. When you offer to take a new job or project on, it can impress your current employer. You can also add these to your resume to show future employers.



You may not want to drive more than a few miles to work every day, but showing that you’re willing to bend a little for new opportunities can open up many more opportunities to you. These new opportunities can further your career or help you land a new job. It can signal to your current or future employers that you are capable and open to changes.


Competition in the workforce can be intense. By using the above tips, you can improve your job security and marketability. Both small and large companies are on the lookout for top talents, so put yourself at the top of their lists.



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