7 Tips for Dealing with your Emotions

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September 7, 2017
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October 25, 2017

At some point in our lives, we are going to experience emotions. These are part of who we are as humans. But, it is not always wise to express your emotions in many situations. Therefore, we need to learn how to control them. Use these tips to help you get control of your emotions.

1. Get All the Facts
When something happens that has the potential to make you angry, try to gather all of the facts regarding the situation. Taking actions to look for facts can help you to think about what’s going on inside your head. Discovering other information may get you to talk about it in a calm manner.

2. Extreme Exercise
If you have the means to take on extreme exercise, this can help you reduce the occurrence of blow-ups. Besides, it’s good for your health to keep physically fit. Extreme exercise or sports is not for everyone but if you are high-strung, think about taking part. People who get involved with this type of activity usually are calmer when situations happen.

3. Try to Project the Future of Your Actions
There is no way to take back your actions once they happen. That means if you are a hot head and are easily set off, you may react off the cuff. You have to try and take a step back and think about the ramifications of taking such actions. If it happens once in a rare while, people can forgive you for it. If this happens regularly, you won’t be taken seriously at all. Your reactions won’t have any effect on people.

4. Get Checked for Hormonal Imbalance
Some emotions are tied to hormonal imbalances. If you have sudden changes in your emotions that you feel are out of the ordinary, you may want to get checked out by your doctor. When you speak with your doctor, try to find solutions that don’t involve long-term drug use. You should only consider that as a last resort.

5. Talk to Someone
When you confide in a trusted colleague or family member, it can make you feel better. Sometimes, this is all you need to overcome feelings. The act of talking things out can help you to think about possible solutions.

6. Consider the Point of View of Others
If you are upset with someone, have you thought about what they may be feeling? Perhaps there was a reason why they did what they did that makes you upset. Try to envision what they may be going through and calmly speak to them about what is going on. If they are having problems elsewhere in their lives, this could cause them to react in unpredictable ways. Show empathy wherever possible.

7. Try to Reduce Your Stress Levels
Stress will make you an emotional wreck, especially if it keeps going on indefinitely. Determine what is causing your stress, if you can, and take steps to reduce it. If you are working too many hours without the right resources, speak with your manager. It’s possible your manager doesn’t know you are having those feelings of stress. If she is not able to do anything about it or passes it off as unimportant, it could be time to move onto another job.



  1. Make a list of emotions that you feel you struggle with. This list will give you an idea of where you should focus your efforts.
  2. Join a High Impact Gym Program. Consult with your doctor before taking on any exercise program. When you get a thumbs up from your doctor, look for an exercise program that gives you the ability to push yourself and let out your aggression. It can be impact sports or something like a boot camp type of program.
  3. Learn how to meditate. Meditation is a great and proven way to control your emotions. It is much more commonplace than people believe and it can be a great way to relax. Once you are relaxed, your emotions won’t trigger as easily.
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