Core Values – Integrity 4 of 5

Core Values – Integrity 3 of 5
September 7, 2017
Core Values – Integrity 5 of 5
September 7, 2017
This series has been enlightening, no doubt. Yet, there is more to learn on this subject. In the last article, it was stated that your values reflect your person and that one can tell your values by the people you have in your life. Hope you can still remember the Universal Law of Attraction? Yes. Your experiences are summed up in your thoughts which take root in your values.
Having stated this, it becomes glaring to note that you will have to avoid people who are not trustworthy if you make the decision to possess this golden value called integrity. You cannot afford to make excuses for them, associate with them or get fooled into believing that they will not be dishonest with you even if they are dishonest to others. Remember in the first article that having a reputation of integrity is an all or none process. If a person can be dishonest to anyone, he will definitely be dishonest in other areas of his life.
Little things count also, little acts count. Integrity entails being honest in little things as well as seemingly big things. So, you cannot take little acts for granted like; a person littering the lawn, or picking two things and paying for one, etc. It will not be surprising if such persons pad budgets when given the opportunity to handle projects or events.
People pay attention; consciously or unconsciously to the people you have selected to associate with and your character will definitely be judged based on the character of those you surround yourself with. It is a stated fact that we cannot help but be like and behave like the people we surround ourselves with from time to time. Therefore, surrounding yourself with people of questionable character as regards integrity is really not good, especially if you choose to live with a reputation of integrity.
Surrounding yourself with dishonest people will take you down the path you are trying to avoid. Grab the map in your hands and choose to follow the integrity path no matter how lonely it might get. Do not forget that choosing to live a life of integrity is a life-commitment which can teleport you to where you started from. It is really not worth it. So you cannot afford to waver upon making this decision. A single act of dishonesty can tear down the reputation you have built for years. Do not let this happen to you.
Furthermore, if we decide to surround ourselves with dishonest people, people who will cut corners to achieve a momentary gratification and people who are hell-bent on getting their heart desires at whatever cost, then we will first of all endure their character, then accept their behaviour and eventually espouse the behaviour we detest so much. So in essence, in building a reputation of integrity, then you will have to surround yourself with people of integrity.
Finally, it can be deducted from this article that to maintain a reputation of integrity, you have to surround yourself with people of integrity and detach from dishonest people so that there will not be room for regression. The next article; which is the last on this series will shed more light on how to successfully live a life of integrity. Stay tuned.
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